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BETA v1.0

Now Available

BETA v1.0

What Lurks in the Dark...

A One-of-a-Kind Game That Offers Relentless Sci-Fi Thrills.

Waking up from a nightmare in which reality is far worse, you must unlock your faded memories to uncover the darkness that has been awoken. But how did this happen? Who is responsible? And will you ever see her again?

You play as Rayn who is the head of Armed Securities for Robono Corporation who, because of an energy experiment gone wrong, finds himself in a dangerous world where he is forced to fight for his survival.

Are You Skilled Enough to Survive?

WAKING DARK is a 2D side-scrolling action-sci-fi.  You'll explore a dark dystopian future filled with non-stop tension and terrifying mechanized evil that lurks in the dark. 

  • Fight your way through claustrophobic and intense encounters.

  • Discover a futuristic cast of friends and enemies.

  • Explore a menacing, dystopian world.


Play the Demo in our discord

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BETA v1.0

If you'd like to write about WAKING DARK, visit the Press Kit full of info, art, and videos.

For any additional press enquiries, please contact: 8bitarmygamesstudio (at)

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Made with

WAKING DARK is being developed by 8-BIT ARMY GAMES. We are 3 friends, and we make the game, handle marketing, build the website, post on social media... and everything else. It's exhausting, but it is worth it, and we appreciate our growing fans and friends that support the game.

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Ehsan along with the rest of the team handles game design. He creates the games art, environments, and animation.

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Hossein Fanaei

    Hossein designs the game along with the other boys. He makes the game run, handles the lighting, and all technical direction.

    TJ Update.jpg

    Taylor Jordan

      Taylor handles game design along with the rest of the team. He designs all the sounds and composes the score.

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